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Bulb Project Resources

Below are the links to the Edina Trust Extension Bulb Project resources as well as details of the resources provided by the National Museum of Wales 'Spring Bulbs for Schools' project on their website.

New for 2018: Predicting Flowering Dates

This is a new presentation that can be done with the class or by individual pupils. Use the data collected by schools so far to try and predict when your daffodils might flower!

There are two different levels. First, the higher level version is intended for upper Key Stage 2 / upper Second Level and includes creating a hypothesis and doing the calculations to work out the average temperature and total rainfall.

Predicting Flowering Dates-H PowerPoint Presentation
Predicting Flowering Dates-H Supporting Document

The lower-level version has the calculations already done (check the document to find the averages for your school) and aims to use simpler language. It is intended for lower Key Stage 2 / lower Second Level.

Predicting Flowering Dates-L PowerPoint Presentation
Predicting Flowering Dates-L Supporting Document

This is the first time these presentations have been released and we would be very grateful to hear your thoughts! If you have any feedback, please take our short (5-question) survey by clicking the link below.

Predicting Flowering Dates Survey

The Edina Trust Extension Bulb Project

The Edina Trust Bulb Project resources currently available:

Bulb Project Explained
Bulb Project Term Planner
Planting your bulbs in the ground - SCOTLAND
Planting your bulbs in the ground - ENGLAND
Adoption Certificate
Ground Group Poster and Daffodil Chart
Hypotheses to Test
Moodle Website Teachers' Guide
Uploading pictures to Moodle: Step-by-Step Guide

The resources are also available in Welsh:
Adoption Certificate (Welsh)
Ground Group Poster and Daffodil Chart (Welsh)
Hypotheses to Test (Welsh)
Bulb Project Term Planner (Welsh)

The National Museum of Wales 'Spring Bulbs for Schools' Core Project

The following resources are available on the National Museum of Wales 'Spring Bulbs for Schools' website:


Bulb care - after flowering
Name the crocus flower parts
Name the parts of a crocus
My crocus
My daffodil
Bulb adoption certificate
Make your own bulb label
Name the daffoldil flower parts
Name the parts of a daffodil
Make your own mini oragami booklet
Professor plant's investigation ideas

General information:

Project outline and application form
Term planner
Learning outcomes and objectives


A letter from Professor Plant
Adopting and caring for your bulbs
Planting your bulbs
Keeping flower records
Keeping weather records
Energy wasting workout
Global warming: why should we care
The Energy crisis


School weather charts
Daffodil chart
Crocus chart

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