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Bulb Project Results

National Museum Wales: Spring Bulbs for Schools Project

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For previous years' results for the National Museum Wales Spring bulbs for Schools project please visit:

These include links to flowering dates for the daffodil and crocus bulbs, the identity of previous mystery bulbs, weather recordings and flowering map. You can also download Excel spreadsheets will data and graphs to analyse yourself.

Edina Trust Bulb Project Extension

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The Edina Trust compiles the results obtained from the Spring Bulbs for Schools project as well as the Edina Trust Extension Bulb Project in to a paper at the end of each year. Copies of these are available below for comparison.

Bulb Project Report 2011-2012
Bulb Project Report 2012-2013
Bulb Project Report 2013-2014
Bulb Project Report 2014-2015
Bulb Project Report 2015-2016
Bulb Project Report 2016-2017

There are also pupil friendly PowerPoint presentations for teachers/project leaders to present to children.

Bulb Project PowerPoint 2011-2012
Bulb Project PowerPoint 2012-2013
Bulb Project PowerPoint 2013-2014
Bulb Project PowerPoint 2014-2015
Bulb Project PowerPoint 2015-2016
Bulb Project PowerPoint 2016-2017

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