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Gardening Resources

Gardening projects are a great way to get children working outside and in groups. Many schools have used their garden to teach aspects of the science curriculum. The maximum grant available for gardening resources is 420, and the remaining grant can still be used for other science topics. And don't forget many gardening activities can be done using cheap or recycled materials!

Free gardening resources

Take a look at free gardening resources available to UK schools on our gardening resources page.

Gardening case studies

Badgemore Primary School, Oxfordshire

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Badgemore Primary School used their grant to establish a school gardening club, and have succesfully grown courgettes, leeks and lettuces, as well as a variety of bedding plants. The pupils have helped maintain the garden; the pupils pictured are clearing out the beds ready for next spring. The school are also hoping to attract birds to a nest box in the coming spring.

Broadfield Specialist School, Lancashire

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The pupils at Broadfield are enjoying their new raised beds, and are amazed at how quickly everything is growing! Everyone takes it in turns to water the plants, and the pupils have learnt how to grow edible plants including salad leaves and herbs.

Crombie Primary School, Fife

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Crombie Primary School used their Edina grant to purchase gardening tools to grow vegetables, in order to help them work towards the silver eco award. The school purchased a fork, a spade, trowels, a hoe, and a rake. All the pupils were involved in planting a variety of fruit and vegetables including leeks, onions, lettuce and strawberries.

Enstone Primary School, Oxfordshire

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Enstone Primary School redeveloped their school garden with the help of the Edina Trust grant. The school "Eco Warriors" and Gardening Club designed the garden, and conducted surveys to discover which crops they should grow. They built four raised beds, in which they grow a wide variety of vegetables for use in school dinners. The new garden is also used as a teaching resource for the whole school.

Great Rollright CE Primary School, Oxfordshire

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Great Rollright CE Primary School set up their gardening club in March 2007 with the help of the Edina Trust grant. So far it has been a great success.

"Many thanks for all your support. As a small village school we have very limited resources; your grant has really made a difference here."
(Headteacher, Great Rollright Primary School)

Ladybank Primary School, Fife

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Ladybank Primary School used their Edina grant to grow potatoes, beetroot, lettuce, turnips, runner beans, onions, peas, and strawberries! The children enjoy making full use of the garden by planting, growing, digging, and of course chatting and playing. The school plan to continue to develop their outdoor space as a learning resource.

St. Nicholas Primary School, Old Marston, Oxfordshire

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In 2006 St. Nicholas's Primary School in Old Marston received a 300 grant from the Edina Trust. They used the grant to buy tools and supplies for their gardening club and to help towards the building of a plastic tunnel for growing plants and vegetables.

Pitlessie Primary School, Fife

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Pitlessie Primary School bought a wide variety of items for their school garden with their grant. They used the grant to purchase a wormery to encourage children to be aware that fruit waste, tea bags etc. can be fed to the worms in the wormery. As a result, the worms produced high quality compost which was used for improving the school garden soil. Children from the infant class helped to set up the wormery. The school also purchased four different varieties of potato, wild flower meadow seeds, a log bug kit, a seed planting ruler, and more!

Our Lady and St Gerard's Catholic Primary School, Lancashire

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Our Lady and St Gerard's used their Edina grant to develop their existing garden area. The pupils were able to continue their science topic about growing plants by sowing seeds, observing growth and gaining knowledge about plants. Working in the garden in groups has encouraged a variety of skills and responsibility.

Tynewater Primary School, Midlothian

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Tynewater Primary School used their Edina grant to purchase a range of equipment for their gardening club, including bamboo poles, garden netting, compost and compost bins, as well as plants, vegetables and seeds. The school entered their produce into the Pathhead Horticultural Show and won two cups, four first prizes and a second prize!

"The funding has been a huge boost"
Learning Support Teacher, Tynewater Primary School

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