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Local Industry

Trips to local industies
Local industry visiting speakers

Trips to local industies:

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Engineering Works
During their science week, pupils at one of our schools visited a local engineering works and a supermarket building site to learn all about structures. Back in the classroom they then used what they had learnt to create lego buildings that would not break under the force of a (pretend) earthquake.

Timber Saw Mill
Pupils visited a local saw mill to learn about small scale industrial technology. Many aspects of the school syllabus were illustrated by seeing the engines, machinery and craft tools at the mill.

One school arranged a science exploration morning for their pupils at the local university. The children got to learn all about materials as insulators in a proper, well-equipped science laboratory.

Local industry visiting speakers:

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Bird Sanctuary
To finish their science week, one school invited a local bird sanctuary to give a demonstration to the whole school of their birds of prey. Pupils got to see and touch a variety of birds, and some even got the chance to fly them!

A local chef visited one school to undertake chocolate experiments with the pupils. They learnt how to put air into chocolate as well as getting the chance to try lots of different types.

Dance Company
Pupils had a visit from a local dance company to teach them all about how keeping fit can be fun.

To continue their work on animals and habitats, pupils had a visit from a local ecologist to talk to them about endangered species.

While learning about planting and growing, pupils had a visit from some special visitors from the local florists who taught them how to arrange flowers as well as what they needed to do to care for them.

The Police
A local Police Officer helped one of our schools with their Crime Investigation day where the children were given a 'real' scenario to investigate. They were shown by a professional how to collect evidence and techniques such as fingerprinting, as well as presenting evidence as a jury and coming to a conclusion as to who committed the crime. They especially enjoyed when the guilty teacher was taken away by the policeman in handcuffs!

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