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Science Close Up

The Edina Trust is happy to announce the development of its own resource kit. Measuring lenses can be used for close observation and accurate measurement of small items. They are suitable for use in KS2 and Scottish 2nd level projects when pupils are ready to move on from magnifying glasses. It gives the opportunity to use "real" science equipment. The lenses provide an opportunity to practise small scale measurement, and have a strong cross-curricular link with mathematics as well as science.

An understanding of small units of measurement (mm), reading of scales and the decimal point are needed. Many different science investigations can be carried out providing hands-on experience. Practice in measuring and analysing data is given during realistic interactive activities.

Each Science Close Up kit contains the following:

These free kits are on offer to all primary schools in Edina Trust Science Grant Scheme eligible areas (list of eligible areas can be found here). A limited number of kits will be distributed one per school for the life time of this project. Schools that receive a free kit must agree to complete a SurveyMonkey questionnaire at the end of the school year to help aid the Trust with monitoring and feedback. This feedback is vital to help the Trust decide whether to continue to offer the kits to schools.

The application process is now closed. Please check back for updates.

Please email Rebecca Anes if you have any queries at

If you have tried out the kit and are ready to return your thoughts, you can fill out our online survey, hosted by SurveyMonkey, here:

Schools that do not require lenses and tweezers can download the activity and results sheets below:
Science Close Up Introduction
Science Close Up Activity Sheets
Result Sheet - Sand Experiment
Result Sheet - Soil Experiment
Result Sheet - Rock Experiment
Result Sheet - Sugar Experiment
Result Sheet - Woven Fabrics Experiment
Result Sheet - Knitted Fabrics Experiment
Result Sheet - Filters Experiment
Result Sheet - Fruit Seeds Experiment
Result Sheet - Anthers Experiment

If you would like to purchase any of the same lenses or tweezers that are available in these kits, please find the links to the suppliers below:

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